Psychotherapy offers a safe and confidential environment to focus on your experience in the world. This may be needed to identify issues that are causing pain, depression or anxiety, or simply to discover and explore what obstacles are preventing you from improving and progressing in your life.

People come to therapy for many different reasons, including

  • breakdown and difficulties in marriage or relationships
  • depression
  • anxiety and stress
  • bereavement
  • mid-life crises
  • addiction
  • work-related issues
  • identity and identity issues
  • self-development

Our role as therapist is provide you with a safe, containing and non-judgemental environment and to provide you with the best possible means to achieve change. A number of different approaches may be adopted in order to do this, drawing from our trainings in various different modes of therapeutic practice and from a diverse range of practice experience. For more information about some of the approaches that can be adopted, please see the approaches section.

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