In times of need when you are conflicted and searching for help, it can be both confusing and overwhelming to be presented with a vast array of psychotherapeutic approaches without any kind of understanding as to what kind of approach may suit you or be appropriate for your particular issue and how relevant it is to choosing a therapist to work with.

This section looks to provide some clarity as to some of the myriad different approaches available in the profession, and help you gain some more understanding as to what may help you most, or for the curious give deeper insight into the different modalities on offer. It is written to encompass ideas, views and theoretical concepts rather than a simple breakdown of what each approach may be useful for, as I do not believe an approach fits a problem but rather a person.

It is important to note that while research suggests that no overall therapeutic approach is better than any other, certain therapeutic approaches may be more applicable depending on a client’s presenting problem. In any case, your therapist should be able to determine whether they have the appropriate skillset or approach that can meet your particular needs, and if not refer you to the relevant party.

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