Being addicted is being physically or mentally dependant on a substance or activity, often to the detriment of health and wellbeing. It can be debilitating for people, and in many instances can lead to irreversible consequences for health, finance and relationships.

Treating and working with addiction can be highly complex, as the causes for addictions are often rooted in deep seated personal issues with family, relational patterns, self-esteem or affective regulation mechanisms. While there are many programs and resources that can be utilised to help overcome the presenting symptoms of addiction and resolve the immediate behavioural issue, this can often fail to address the underlying causes.

Talking therapies, particularly in conjunction with CBT techniques, can provide a safe and important platform to explore the issues that led to the addictions in the first place and help provide means to prevent relapse and develop an awareness of personal relationship to the condition. It is highly advisable that in cases of addiction, talking therapies are undertaken in conjunction with an appropriate support group.

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